Northridge missions


The Bible teaches that Jesus has redeemed people from every tribe, language, and nation (Revelation 5:9-10). In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus leaves His disciples (everyone who believes in Him) with the command to go and make disciples of all nations.  By His grace He has given us the opportunity to be a part of sharing the great news of the Gospel with our neighbors, people in surrounding cities, and to all nations (Acts 1:8). If you are a believer in Christ, you are responsible for obeying Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.

When considering missions, Christ followers fall under two categories:
  1. Those who go as missionaries to share the Gospel with all peoples 
  2. and those who partner with missionaries by sending them (Romans 10-13-15).

Both goers and senders are equally important and essential for the mission of reaching and equipping people for Christ without borders.

Join a Home team

The primary purpose of a home team is to glorify God by caring for and representing the missionaries who partner with NorthRidge Church.

Home Teams usually meet together once a month to pray for and encourage their missionary partner. If you are interested in joining a home team, contact Missions Pastor, Andrew O'Brien for more information.

our missionary partners


Tyler & Adeline Edelman, KU Christian Challenge
Robbie & Gail Nutter, K-State Christian Challenge
Nate & Erika Sapp, K-State Christian Challenge
Andrew O'Brien, K-State Christian Challenge
Mike & Kim Havenstein, Ohio State Navigators
Bryce & Alicia Lee, CrossRoads, Simla, CO
Carl & Emma Stephens, STUMO Japan
Matt & Kait Kaeb, Thailand
S & C, Asia
C & E, Asia
Z & E, Asia
M & E, Asia
J & T, Asia
C, Asia

Falls City

Wesley & Kara Farewell, Ratio Christi
Matt & Kait Kaeb, Thailand
Z & E, Asia


Daniel Hutchison, Peru State Christian Challenge
Z & E, Asia


Derek Rempe, HCC Christian Challenge


Nate & Erika Sapp, K-State Christian Challenge
Matt & Kait Kaeb, Thailand
M & E, Asia


Tyler & Adeline Edelman, KU Christian Challenge
Dave & Jochy Lockard, Central America
Lauren Nanninga, UCF Salt Company
Wesley & Kara Farewell, Ratio Christi
Rafael & Mary Restrepo, Spain
Marianne Rauter, Uruguay

Andrew O'Brien

Missions Pastor
Andrew is married to Emily and has four children: Caleb, Elijah, Judah and Chloe. Andrew loves getting to walk alongside our missionary partners and care for them well. He also works part-time serving with Christian Challenge at K-State to reach and equip college students for Christ without borders. He enjoys playing guitar, basketball and finding lost treasures metal detecting with his boys.

Questions about missions? Ask Andrew!